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    1. Description:
    – Designed for building 250 size quad copter by yourself (2D or 3D setup). It requires a good knowledge of RC systems, soldering skill and creation of power distribution system.
    – CNC Kit made by aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, delrin material and steel hardware.
    – Optimized for weight and durability.
    – Weight (CNC Kit 02): approx 63.8(g) = 2.25(oz).
    – Motor mount:

    2. Included:
    – RKH 250 Quad-X CNC Kit 02 (1set).

    3. Needed To Complete:
    * Motors example:

    – MT1306:
    – MN1804:
    – FXC1806-14 2300kv:
    – BX1306:
    – BX1804:
    – BE1806:
    and more…

    * ESC example:

    – KISS ESC 2-4S 18A v1.1 3D Version:
    – XP-7A speed control:
    – SN16A:
    – SN20A:
    and more…

    * Flight Controller (mini or nano size) example:

    – CC3D Atom OpenPilot CopterControl Board by RMRC (RIGHT ANGLE):
    – NanoWii.. ATmega32u4 Based MultiWii FC:
    – MINI MWC Flight Control Board and DSM2 Compatible Receiver ACC/GYRO/BARO/MAG:
    and more…

    * Battery: 2S-3S, 800-1300mAh.

    * Prop: 5 inch.

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